What Makes Me Different

At Suncoast Health Insurance, I strongly believe in my statement that “It’s about the relationship, Not the policy.” Often agents reach out once a year to their customers when it is time to renew, which is exactly what I do not want to do. Imagine if your agent kept in touch throughout the year providing you information related to Healthcare news?  What if your agent believed that it is essential for you to be educated about your policy and have the integrity to let you know, you are currently enrolled in the most appropriate plan for your specific healthcare needs. This is the relationship I want to build with you, and earn your trust as a fiduciary advisor when choosing health insurance.

My Promise to You

  • To be the Healthcare Insurance Agent that educates himself on changes in laws.
  • To help you have a clear understanding of  health insurance options
  • To keep in touch with you on a regular basis
  • To help ensure you are covered on the plan that suits your specific needs, putting your interest above my own.

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Jeffrey Weiss, Licensed Insurance Agent

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